About the University


The University of Northern Philippines envisions itself to be a pioneering Center of world-class excellence for instruction in the humanities, the arts and the sciences; functional scientific, social and technological researches; relevant extension services and quality production towards empowerment of graduates for sustainable development.


The mission of the University is to provide quality education through modernization, accreditation and effective consultation and linkages; enhance research through expansion of commodity coverage and capacitation of faculty and staff members; intensify extension through provision of impact projects; and improve production through the optimal utilization of available resources making our graduates effective development managers and useful citizens in the community


In pursuing the Vision and Mission, we in this institution resolve to live by the following values:

Excellence. By invoking the aid of Divine Providence, we commit ourselves to be the best that we can be and do by continuously learning and enhancing our skills and developing proper attitudes towards work and people.

Professionalism. We endeavor to set and abide by high work standards and always be guided by the principles of objectivity and fairness.

Ethics and Integrity. We pledge to serve with honor and humility always cognizant of the principle that "Public Office is a Public Trust."

Transparency. We endeavor to make all transactions, deals, records or any activity open and known by all people concerned.

Creativity and Productivity. We offer efficient and effective interventions to varying needs of our clientele. We shall remain dynamic, open-minded and innovative workforce, responsive to changing times and circumstances constantly challenging the status quo and ever willing to face risk and confront uncertainties.

Synergy and Community. We believe in and practice teamwork. We regard ourselves as a family providing one another support and inspiration in our work.

Initiative. We commit ourselves to act on our own, responsive to a given situation. We believe that our unflinching commitment to these values would enable us to fulfill our overriding responsibility to meet the needs the clients we serve.